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R.J.'s News Flash Segment

Find me in the 1998-1999 Who's Who Among High School Students - published later this year!

I was nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law. I'll attendIf I can scrap together $1000 from my great job.

At the Annual Beta Club Banquet I was awarded the GCHS Beta Club's Most prestigious award - The Dottie R. Brundige Service Award.

Thanks to all of the wonderful folks in the GCHS Beta Club! With your support I was elected as Treasurer! To read about my gratitude, Go HERE

Earlier in the year I was elected Secretery of the GCHS Speech Team.

Site Updates
(please note that this section of my site is NOT Y2K Compliant)

Now Your Website can attain my Seal of Approval. Go here. - 7/23/99

More Awards coming at you!!! - 7/17/99

Added Cats Quartet Playlist (WYMC section), M.O. R. Midis, Links, and more than I can remember. - 7/16/99

Tiny updates troughout the site - 7/7/99

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