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As compiled by the Editor in Chief

This edition of The Monitor focuses in immigration problems. Follow the links below to get caught up on the latest information on immigration. The staff of The Monitor hopes that the informion on this site prove useful to you.

Jason Green
Editor In Chief of The Mayfield Monitor

California governor gives up immigration measure - July 29, 1999

Immigration officials held railway killings suspect but let him go - June 25, 1999

Immigration a key topic on Clinton's trip - March 8, 1999

CNN - Record number of illegal aliens deported - January 9, 1999

CNN - Five charged for counterfeit immigration documents - December 15, 1998

INS to charge more for green cards - October 12, 1998

CNN - Cubans line up for U.S. immigration lottery - June 15, 1998

Immigration Compromise - Sept. 24, 1996

Clinton Cracks Down On Immigration- Feb. 13,1996